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Click on the building name for more information.  Please note that we do not represent any of the properties for sale or rent.  We have no more information than is available on this website.  Scroll down to see buildings with rental space.

Lofts for Sale
5 Delaware 423 Delaware St
River Market
21 Ten 21 W 10th St Library District
29 Gillham Row 29th & Gillham Rd
project is dead
Gillham Row
30 Gillham Row 2939 Gillham Rd
Gillham Row
40 Penn Row 40th & Pennsylvania Westport
46 Washington 46th & Washington
523 Grand Lofts 523 Grand Blvd River Market
1819 Lofts 1819 Baltimore Ave Crossroads
2004 Grand Lofts 2004 Grand Blvd Crossroads
4646 Broadway 4646 Broadway St
700 Broadway 700 Broadway St
Garment District
Anne's Lofts 514 W 26th St Crossroads
Atriums at SoHo West 612 Central St Garment District
Atriums East 609 Central St Garment District
Battery Lofts 3001 Gillham Rd Gillham Row
Berkley Lofts 1400 Guinnotte Ave
project is dead
Belleview Plaza 4528 Belleview Ave
Bridgeworks Lofts 522 Locust St
River Market
The Broadway

1800 Broadway St
project is dead

Cherry Heights Condos 26h & Cherry
Hospital Hill
Cherry Hill Row 29th & Cherry
Gillham Row
Coffee Lofts 321 W 7th St
Garment District
Conover Place 210 W 5th St River Market
The Crestwood Condominiums 5401 Brookside Blvd
East Market Row 5th & Holmes St Columbus Park
First and Main Lofts 136 Main St
River Market
Fleming Place

2030 Grand Blvd

Freighthouse Flats 2120 Wyandotte St
Greenlease Cadillac 2929 McGee Tfwy
Gillham Row
The Gumbel Lofts 801 Walnut St
Project is dead
Hotel Monroe Condominiums 1904 Main St
Liberty Lofts 360 W Pershing Rd
The Lofts at 1800 Baltimore 1800 Baltimore Ave
project is dead
The Madison 4527 Madison Ave
The Manhattan E 8th St
Metropolitan Condos 600 E 8th St
One Park Place 700 W 31st ST
Popcorn Lofts 1920 Wyandotte St Crossroads
Riverbend Lofts 200 Main St River Market
San Francisco Towers 2510 Grand Ave Crown Center
SOHO West 306 W 7th St Garment District
Summit at Sixteenth 1661 Summit St
West Side
Triangle Townhomes 2938 Cherry St
Gillham Row
The View 600 Admiral Blvd
W Lofts 1803 Wyandotte St
Wallstreet Tower 1101 Walnut St Downtown
Walnut Triad 4114 Walnut St Westport
Washington Lofts 1820 Washington St
Western Auto Lofts I 2107 Grand Blvd Crown Center
Western Auto Lofts II 2029 Grand Blvd
Crown Center
Western Auto Lofts III 2015 Grand Blvd
Crown Center
Wornall Park Condos 4516 Wornall Rd Plaza

Lofts for Rent
8th Street Place   Garment District
909 Walnut 909 Walnut St Downtown
1510 Walnut 1510 Walnut St
1518 Walnut 1518 Walnut Crossroads
Admiral Lofts 408 Admiral Blvd Downtown
Argyle Lofts 306 E 12th St
completion winter 2008?
Artspace 201 Wyandotte St River Market
Askew Saddlery Lofts 213 Delaware St River Market
Buick Lofts 220 Admiral Blvd Downtown
Campbell Paint Lofts 1535 Walnut St Crossroads
Chase Bag Apartments 200 Delaware St River Market
Chambers Lofts 25 E 12th St Library District
City Hall Lofts 805 N 6th ST Downtown KCK
Clubhouse Lofts 1228 Baltimore St
Cold Strage Lofts 500 E 3rd St
River Market
Columbia Burlap Lofts 1412 W 12th St
West Bottoms
Delaware Lofts 218 Delaware St River Market
Design Exchange    
Emery, Bird & Thayer 1601 Walnut St Crossroads
Finance Building Lofts 1009 Baltimore Ave Library District
Freighthouse Lofts 2121 Central St Crossroads
Haden Lofts 2109 Broadway St
Hanover Lofts 15 W 10th St
Library District
Jewell Apartments 920 Broadway St Quality Hill
Landmark Lofts 425 Washington St River Market
Library Lofts East & West 127 W 10th St Library District
The Lofts at 917 917 Wyandotte St Library District
The Lofts at 1524 1524 Walnut Crossroads
Lucas Place   Garment District
Old Townley Lofts 200 Walnut St River Market
Opera House Lofts 930 Broadway St Quality Hill
Pacific House Apartments 401 Delaware St River Market
Piper Lofts 117 W 20th
Professional Building Lofts 1103 Grand Ave Downtown
Richards & Conover Lofts 200 W 5th St River Market
River Market Apartments 7 115 W 5th St River Market
River Market Apartments 8 210 Delaware St River Market
River Market Lofts 16 509 Delaware St River Market
The Safeway Lofts 2029 Wyandotte St Freight House
The Star Lofts 1700 Oak St Crossroads
Soda Lofts 918 E 5th St Columbus Park
SOHO West I   Garment District
SOHO West II   Garment District
SOHO III 306-314 W 8th St Garment District
SOHO V 410-412 W 8th St Garment District
SOHO VI 706-708 Broadway St Garment District
Volker Place

6 W 3rd St

River Market
Walnut Lofts 1522 Walnut Crossroads
Windows Lofts 2117 Broadway St Crossroads
West Seventh Street Lofts 318 W 7th St Garment District

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